Whenever there is retransmission of an audiovisual work by cable or by similar means, a remuneration may be due. It is AGICOA's task to obtain payment of these royalties from the operators and to redistribute them to the entitled rightsholders.

In other words a rightsholder may get remuneration if its rights are registered with AGICOA, if its work falls into AGICOA repertoire, if its work is retransmitted, if the related royalties are beyond administrative threshold.

Contacts with Norwegian Rightsholders, relating to their registrations and rights declarations, are done directly at AGICOA with a native Norwegian.

5 steps to register:

  1. Contact your Portfolio Manager: Kristi Andersen Cosendai, a native Norwegian, is the Portfolio Manager in charge for Norway;
  2. Register with AGICOA: no investment, only returns;
  3. Provide your account number and a copy of a bank account statement that confirms you are the owner of the account;
  4. Declare rights on works: no declaration - no money;
  5. Update rights on works: to ensure AGICOA can continue to distribute the royalties due to you.