AGICOA NORGE: The Rights People

AGICOA Norge is the association which has been distributing remuneration to Norwegian film- and TV-producers for retransmission of audiovisual works in broadcasts since 1987 in representation of AGICOA in Norway. Contacts with Norwegian Rightsholders, relating to their registrations and their rights declarations, are done directly at AGICOA with a native Norwegian.

Retransmission means that broadcasts are sent simultaneously and unaltered, but the distribution of signals is facilitated by another company than the original broadcasting company. For example when you watch your favorite TV-series on TV2 and the signals are distributed by a cable operator.

According to the Norwegian copyright act section 34, which governs broadcast retransmissions, the exclusive right of the author as regards retransmission may only be exercised through NORWACO a copyright organization that collects remuneration for secondary use of audiovisual works in Norway.

AGICOA collects the remuneration from NORWACO. Remuneration is then allocated at AGICOA to the respective broadcasts and finally the Rightsholder(s) for each of those broadcasts, are identified, based on their declared rights on audiovisual work. Royalties repartition is made at AGICOA throughout relevant Rightsholders and payment documentation are prepared there and sent to AGICOA Norge. AGICOA Norge is approving the payments and AGICOA is dispatching them to the Rightsholders.